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Discover how good your daily run can feel with adidas Supernova shoes. From your morning laps to 10K training, experience the springy, cushioned ride.


Made for the everyday runner, the Supernova is our newest performance running shoe. Expertly blending comfort and support, we've added Dreamstrike+ super foam in the midsole for an extra supportive push-off. Our engineered Support Rods ensure a seamless transition, while a blend of cushioning foam and soft textile offers optimal heel support to protect your every step.

adidas Supernova

Rising to meet the challenges of your daily runs, the adidas Supernova Rise is ready to be your go-to daily driver. Featuring an all-new PEBA-based midsole foam called Dreamstrike+, adidas Supernova shoes deliver a combination of comfort and versatility that makes them a great option for runners seeking to elevate their everyday running performance. The midsole foam is paired with bottom-loaded Support Rods to offer added stability while still allowing for the natural movement of your foot. Finished off with a breathable engineered sandwiched mesh upper that comfortably wraps the foot for a secure fit, adidas Supernova sneakers promise a comfortable yet responsive feel that works well for everything from faster-paced training sessions to daily runs.

With plenty of flash and style, adidas Supernova shoes are sure to become your new must-have when it comes to logging distance. Things to love: their lightweight design, the cushioned yet responsive midsole and the super-plush step-in feeling that propels you forward mile after mile. Other key product features include a Comfort Heel Fit, which uses a combination of cushioning foam and soft textile designed for maximum comfort and support. When you want to go the distance without focusing on your footwear, choose adidas Supernova shoes for all your running needs.