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adidas Running Shoes

Having trouble mustering your motivation? Lace up a pair of adidas running shoes and face the road anew. Everybody has off days when the alarm rings before your eyes are ready to open and way before your feet are ready to hit the ground. Comfortable running sneakers can make you feel good again. Take a chance and venture out. Why? Because cushioning technologies in an adidas shoe's midsole can make it seem like you're still hugging the pillow. Whether you like a firmer, more responsive ride or you're into softness and support, there are options that meet your needs when you browse our collection of shoes made for running.

Maybe you need the durability of trail running shoes with a GORE-TEX upper that stands up to wet conditions and a Continental™ Rubber outsole that takes on rocks and roots for extraordinary traction. Or maybe you need sleek road running shoes with the engineered, adaptive fit of an adidas PRIMEKNIT upper and the smooth, comfort-fuelled ride of an adidas 4DFWD 3D-printed midsole that compresses forward as your feet hit the ground, reducing braking forces and transforming the impact energy into forward motion. Whatever you're looking for, we have designs and technologies to get you there. Shop running shoes now at adidas online or in our stores.

Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The best running shoes for you depend on factors including your running style, foot type and the terrain you'll be running on. The best option for most runners is a pair of neutral shoes. They're the most versatile running shoes, providing support and cushioning without being too corrective. Stability shoes are designed for runners who overpronate, which means their feet roll inward. If you mostly run on concrete, you'll want a different kind of cushioning and outsole than if you're a trail runner. For a full rundown on how to choose running shoes, visit our blog.
There are two main types of track shoes: track spikes and racing flats. Track spikes are designed for maximum speed and grip. They have thin, lightweight soles with metal spikes on the bottoms. Spikes are typically used for shorter distances, up to about 800 meters. Racing flats have less aggressive spikes or no spikes at all. They're still designed for speed, but they provide more cushioning and comfort than spikes. Racing flats are typically used for middle distances, from 800 meters to 10,000 meters.
Sprinting shoes, also known as track spikes, can definitely make a difference in your sprinting performance. Sprint spikes are much lighter than regular running shoes. This reduces the effort required for each stride, allowing you to generate more power and potentially shave off precious milliseconds from your time. The metal spikes on the soles of sprint spikes dig into the track — crucial for explosive starts and powerful pushes off the ground. Sprinting shoes are designed to be snug-fitting, minimising unnecessary foot movement within the shoe. This allows for better control and energy transfer during every push-off.