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Running Clothes & Shoes

Tackle every run with confidence in adidas running clothes and shoes, with design features and performance techs that help you reach your race-day goals.
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adidas Running Clothes and Shoes

Train at your best in adidas running clothes and shoes, and don't let anything hold you back. On race day or a light workout day — or anything in between — adidas running gear sets you up for success, supporting your daily and long-term goals. Our running sneakers are made to go the distance, and there are so many options to choose from. Ultraboost shoes provide superior cushioning and responsiveness for every run, while Terrex trail running shoes give you the confidence to tackle rugged terrain. If you're looking for training shoes that offer the ultimate in lightweight support on race day, Adizero is here for the win, or try 3D-printed 4DWD midsoles for smoother strides and unparalleled impact absorption.

With adidas running shoes as your foundation, you'll want to compliment them with running apparel that meets you where you are. Tops and sweatshirts keep you comfortable whether you need breathable, lightweight coverage for warmer days and gym sessions or more insulation for outdoor runs on chilly days. Running shorts, leggings and pants offer a range of support options for training and racing so you can feel comfortable no matter the workout or weather. Go the distance with our many options tailored to the serious racer or the casual weekend trainer. Browse adidas running clothes and shoes today.