Climacool Pants


adidas Climacool pants

There’s no need to sweat the small stuff. Or the bigger things either for that matter. This collection of adidas Climacool pants takes the stress out of exercise with targeted ventilation that ensures your legs stay dry. These breathable products allow consistent airflow so that you don’t overheat and can dominant your chosen sport. Moisture absorbing materials are used to create a quick-drying surface that stays fresh throughout an entire workout. With irritating sweat a thing of the past. you’ll be free to smash your goals and stay level-headed.

Built to address workout demands

Made with a range of quality fabrics, such as polyester doubleknit and elastane plain weave, adidas Climacool Pants have a luxuriously soft finish. Comfortable to wear and tailored for performance, there will be no slowing you down with a pair on. Some models also feature polyester that is sourced from recycled PET, requiring fewer resources and production emissions. Certain styles of adidas Climacool pants have strategically lined mesh in areas like the inner legs to boost ventilation where you need it most too. The collection comes standard with elastic waists that keep the pants locked to your hips and drawcords for additional tightening. Opt for a model with ankle zips if you like to let your shins free at the end of a session.

Take the slim approach

adidas Climacool pants are available in a slim fit that keeps a tighter wrap around your legs and is perfect for exercise. The snug style means there’s less loose fabric that can get in the way. There’s also the option of choosing regular fits if you want a more relaxed, casual feel. The range has products customised for different sports which include football, general training and running. Designs are available in both full length and three-quarter length models. Whether you’re looking for jogger trousers or tracksuit bottoms, there’s adidas Climacool pants for you.