adidas Primeknit

Primeknit may have debuted in shoes, with a seamless woven structure that hugs the foot and enhances movement, but adidas Primeknit is now in every sport and on your whole body. From seamless sports bras to fantastic leggings and from parka hooded jackets to awesome joggers, there is an adidas Primeknit option that you need and will love. Whether it’s everyday wear, comfy travel wear or gear to take you to your next sports competition, a knit with varying amounts of flexibility, support and superior breathability is something that will make you glad you are an adidas fan.

Lifestyle or sports style

You live an active life and yet you still appreciate staying in now and then. Either way, your adidas Primeknit pieces will fit perfectly and make you look and feel good all day and night. Because the technology can be made with a variety of thread types, you can get all the features you need—water-repellent, reflective, sweat-wicking, body hugging, stretchy, warm, non-chafing, or whatever you may be looking for. And all of your sports are covered with options using this adidas-exclusive fabric technology, so you can get your yoga, football, running, cycling or spectator gear.

Style meets technology

You love your look, but infusing your active-wear clothes with technology like adidas Primeknit is taking things to another level. You are a cutting-edge athlete, you are a trendsetter, you are stylish. You have adidas pride and the apparel to make people understand where that pride comes from.