Sustainable Clothing & Shoes


Sustainable fashion - recycled ocean plastic

Inspired to save the environment and contribute to a safer and more beautiful planet for the upcoming generations, adidas presents its range of sustainable fashion, made from recycled ocean plastic. Materials like plastic and polyester, which are a part of the creation of several fashion products, are a matter of concern for the environment, which is why adidas made a timely move to create recycled products. While you can find jerseys made of recycled polyester, recycled ocean plastic is being used in the making of running shoes. The impact of plastic in the ocean is evident and adidas using ocean plastic is a huge step towards a solution. What’s more, the recycled polyester models by adidas trim down the negative impact on the environment that virgin polyester would have had, from 20% to 60%. The heating effect is also reduced by checking the CO2 emissions. In addition to recycling ocean plastic, adidas recycled products include recycling of used products. These bold and innovative steps have made a big difference so far and adidas continues to evolve its techniques and procedures to increase the popularity and belief of sustainability.

Experience recycled adidas fashion

Despite using recycled material, adidas has maintained utmost comfort, style, performance, and durability in their products. The key characteristics which make the adidas models special, such as breathable fabric sweat-wicking ability, are well preserved in the adidas ocean plastic range and other recycled creations. You get an amazing sporty look and unfathomable style.

Make a proud contribution

Saving the environment is not a one-man show. It needs a contribution from all of us. You can also join the adidas mission of sustainable fashion from recycled ocean plastic, by saying no to plastic bottles and straws and not dumping them in the oceans. Wash your clothes less and line-dry them. Consider donating or proper disposal of the products that you are done using. Your efforts and adidas’ recycled fashion together can craft a cleaner planet and a better future for the generations to come.