Black · Basketball · Shorts



When it comes to hoops, you’re always communicating something. So what do you want to say? Make an impression that matches your game with black basketball shorts by adidas. Versatile, tough and timeless, black is perfect colour for ballers who put in work every time they hit the court. Cut for distraction-free comfort and a full range of movement, adidas black basketball shorts and are made with materials that keep the sweat off your skin and your head in the game. Find all-black basketball shorts or shorts with accent colours and clean graphics that express your style while you’re shaking defenders, throwing lobs from the top of the key and fighting through screens.


Basketball is a sport built on creativity, developed as an outlet of physical and mental energy and designed to tap into the instinct of the athlete. It’s a sport fueled by disruptors who bring fresh moves and individual style to their game. adidas springs from similar roots, celebrating expression and unique vision.

With the 1967 release of our first piece of apparel, the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit, adidas made the leap from shoe company to sports-apparel brand. In the 1970s we entered the world of basketball, merging our performance-driven heritage with the style-conscious culture developing around the game at that time. We’ve been elevating the technical capabilities and streetwear status of basketball apparel ever since. With premium fabrics and our most advanced technologies, adidas hoops apparel delivers the ultimate in comfort, style and confidence on and off the court.