Cycling Clothes & Shoes

The hard-wearing wardrobe you need when you're on two wheels. Cycling clothes and shoes from adidas stand up to daily commutes and weekend adventures.

adidas Cycling Clothes & Shoes

Whether you're on the road or at the gym, adidas cycling clothes and shoes can help you reach your cycling goals. Comfort is key when you're talking about cycling attire and shoes, so you'll need the right cycling gear. Breathable jerseys and padded shorts will support you during the long haul and allow freedom of movement, comfort and classic adidas style. Body-hugging, lightweight shirts with high-stretch fabric adapt to your every move while wicking away moisture to keep you dry throughout your ride. They can be worn alone or as a baselayer on chilly days when you're riding outdoors. Choose a full-zip jacket with sleek pockets for storing your essentials. adidas bike shorts have just the right amount of padding when you're in the saddle and offer the support you need in bicycle clothing without weighing you down.

When you're ready to clip in, cycling shoes are an essential part of your cycling gear. Whether you're riding on the road, mountain biking or hopping on your home gym bike to get in a ride before work, adidas cycling shoes will keep you comfortable and secure in your pedals. You need lightweight footwear that offers you security and support during your ride. So push past that hill and feel confident when you're sprinting out of the saddle in bike riding gear that helps you bridge the gap. Get the most out of your ride in adidas cycling clothes and shoes.