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Keep your drive dry with waterproof golf pants

Just because the weather takes a turn for the worse doesn't mean you have to retreat to the clubhouse. adidas waterproof golf pants are designed to keep you protected when rain threatens to end your game sooner than planned. The RAIN.RDY protection makes sure you stay dry and comfortable, even when the conditions aren't perfect. Don't be distracted by soaked through fabric that sticks to your skin, with waterproof golf pants you can stay focused on your game.

Keep the wind out with adidas golf trousers

Wind and rain tend to go hand in hand. adidas waterproof trousers also work to block wind in harsher conditions. Windy conditions might mean you have reduced control over your ball but it doesn't have to mean reduced comfort. Without the proper materials to feel protected from the wind, you might have to layer up in heavy fabrics. adidas waterproof golf trousers keep the wind out while staying lightweight with a regular fit that leaves you free to move comfortably.

Small adjustments make big differences

When it comes to getting the most out of your golf game, it's often the little things that count. adidas waterproof golf trousers come with those extra touches that will help make them your go-to pants when the weather's unpredictable. They're made to stretch with ease so that you can move fluidly with your full range of motion. Waterproof zips for the pockets help make sure everything you need for your round stays dry. Finally, the legs are cuffed with a hook and loop opening so that you can keep the warmth in and the wind or rain out.