Green Jerseys


Green jerseys

The most exciting part of our collection of green jerseys is that items like the Juventus jersey are worn by the football stars themselves before big games! This cool fact makes them the perfect gift for the football fan in your life, both for children and for grown ups. The jersey is made with technologies like sweat-wicking fabric, which means that you’ll stay dry and comfortable during your training and avoid that horrible sticky feeling. The quality of the design, stitching and fabric of these jerseys is second to none.

Sleeve length

Our collection of adidas green jerseys comes in varying length sleeves: long sleeve, short sleeve and tank top. The people at adidas have really thought of creating items that are suitable for all weathers. Our extensive range of colours in the green jersey collection goes from lighter hues such as aquamarine to darker hues such as forest green. Our prints range from plain coloured jerseys to quirky and novel space prints or eye-catching geometric graphics. You can choose a print to suit your personality and show your identity through your sports fashion. The jerseys are made with recycled polyester to save on emissions so you can do your bit for the environment by buying one of these. They are soft and lightweight and designed to be cut wider in the body, giving a straight silhouette.

Football fanatics

Our collection includes football away and home shirts suitable for teams and fans alike, and we even stock smart button-up jerseys suitable for referees. We have them to fit adult fans as well as children, so why not get in the football spirit and dress the whole family in these great jerseys before attending a game? Alternatively, wear one at the weekend for leisure and show off your 3-Stripes pride in even a casual setting.