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Grey beanies

The beanie hat is a head-hugging, brimless hat which has been in use for years. You may have heard it called by other names. The history of the beanie dates back to ancient times, where it was worn everyday by trades people, who had to keep their hair tied back, but for whom a brim would be an inconvenient obstruction. It even made its way to the Americas with sailors and was adapted by treefellers and other people who wanted to keep warm. The caps were also hugely popular with skateboarders in the 90s, who started naming the caps "beanies", which was slang for head, and of course the name has stuck ever since. This novel garment is still fashionable today because of its practical qualities, fashion status, and sleek style, that make them perfect for the outdoors!

When to wear your beanie

The adidas grey beanies are ideal for running and winter sports. Your head will be cradled wearing these soft garments allowing you to work-out to the best of your abilities, without losing too much heat from your head. You will benefit not only from the reflective details but sweat-wicking fabric as well which keeps sweat away from your skin. You'll adore the comfort of our stretchy materials used in the grey beanie design. Some of our grey beanies can be worn under other types of headwear too, making layering a simple yet effective task. This headwear is a must-have item for any sports enthusiast, keeping you snug and cosy in the cold.

Our selection

Enjoy the fitted fit of the beanie against your skin. Why not take a look at the grey beanie selection adidas has to offer? You'll be able to find the right sports hat for you and look great at the same time.