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GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes

The adidas GORE-TEX hiking boots and shoes offer stability and support to help you navigate challenging terrains. They are designed with a supportive midsole, ankle support and reinforced toe caps, providing stability and protection for your feet. adidas GORE-TEX hiking boots and shoes are equipped with gripped, rubber outsoles that offer excellent traction on various surfaces. The lug patterns on the outsoles provide stability and grip, allowing you to tackle different terrains. The adidas GORE-TEX hiking boots and shoes are equipped with GORE-TEX technology, an impermeable and breathable membrane. The GORE-TEX membrane acts as a barrier against water, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in various weather conditions. The adidas GORE-TEX hiking boots and shoes feature a lacing system that allows for a secure and customised fit.

GORE-TEX® hiking boots and shoes to guide you every step of the way

One of the most important items in every hiking outfit is a good pair of shoes that can support you every step of the way; with this selection of GORE-TEX® hiking boots and shoes by adidas, you can rest assured that you will have an adequate solution no matter the terrain you’ll be walking on or the weather you might encounter. With both low cut styles available for a larger range of free movements, as well as mid cut GORE-TEX® walking shoes for extra protection around the ankle area, you will be able to choose form a variety of colours whether you prefer a classic pair or one that adds a bit of colour to your outfit.

Helping you stay dry from the inside out

GORE-TEX® hiking boots and shoes by adidas are equipped with the latest technologies and designs that help you stay dry even in the heaviest rain. A GORE-TEX® upper gives your shoes a waterproof characteristic from the outside, and a GORE-TEX® liner gives them breathability while adding extra waterproofing. A rubber outsole such as Continental™ rubber or Traxion will give you the confidence to step onto any surface, whether wet or dry, while a midsole such as EVA will make your GORE-TEX® hiking boots flexible, helping you complete your hike in comfort.

Laces just how you like them

When selecting your favourite pair of GORE-TEX® hiking boots and shoes, you will find a variety of lacing styles that you can choose from. A speed lacing system will enable you to get walking in no time; but if you want a system that helps you personalize the fit to optimize your comfort, then look for styles using the Boa® Fit lacing system. And if you want the laces to be out of your way, choose GORE-TEX® hiking shoes equipped with a lace bungee which will give you the ability to stow them securely and keep them tangle-free.