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Men's Belts

Combining sturdy construction and timeless design, adidas men's belts will get plenty of wear for years to come. Shop belts designed for golf and casual attire.

adidas Men's Belts

Men's belts do a pretty important job, and when you're under the pressure of competition, you sure don't want to have to keep hitching up your pants. That's where we come in. adidas makes men's sports belts for all types of people, from soccer players to golfers and mountain bikers to couch surfers. Our selection of belts for men ranges from elegant to casual. They're made of leather, synthetics, webbing and braided cord. Some of our belts are reversible, so you get two looks for the price of one. Some are in solid, muted colours — such as black, brown, grey, blue and tan — and some go wild in bolder hues, a herringbone pattern or texture.

The best part about our men's athletic belts? They have secure, adjustable closures that stay put so you can get your game on distraction-free. Men's golf belts ensure your comfort and focus on the green. We make them with a bit of stretch, so they give as you swing and bend without constricting your style of play. The sophisticated belts in our Y-3 collection come from our long-term creative collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto, famous for his striking, avant-garde designs. Discover these and all the other high-performance men's belts that await you at adidas.