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Men's Hiking Shoes

Forest hike or alpine scramble, we have the men's hiking shoes to support your next adventure. All-terrain traction and rugged durability keep you on the move.

Men's adidas Hiking Shoes

Embarking on a trail or scaling a challenging terrain demands more than just the heart of an adventurer, it requires the right gear, especially when it comes to your feet. Our men's hiking shoes blend trail-ready design, durability and comfort to help you reach new heights. No matter the weather or incline, every step on your journey matters, and our men's hiking boots ensure each stride is taken with confidence. Paired with lightweight midsoles, our men's hiking sneakers are built to withstand miles while ensuring that your feet remain cradled in comfort.

On a snowy escapade or exploring on a rainy day? adidas WINTER.RDY and adidas RAIN.RDY technologies keep your feet warm and dry so nothing stands between you and the summit. Features like Continental™ Rubber and all-terrain outsoles help provide exceptional grip and stability for sure-footed movements on unpredictable surfaces. Beyond the trails, our men's hiking footwear seamlessly transitions into daily wear thanks to modern, sporty looks done in versatile tones, from earthy greens and browns to classic black. More than just walking in nature, you're satisfying your insatiable curiosity to explore. Browse our men's hiking shoes and turn every step into an adventure.

Men's Hiking Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Trail running shoes are designed for running on trails, offering lightweight construction, flexibility and aggressive tread patterns for traction on uneven terrain. They prioritise speed and agility. Hiking shoes, on the other hand, are built for the gait of hiking and prioritise stability — they have sturdier construction, ankle support and durable materials to withstand rugged trails and carry heavier loads. While both kinds of shoes offer traction and durability, men's hiker shoes offer greater support and protection over longer distances and rougher terrain at a slower pace.
It's generally not recommended for rugged terrain or longer hikes. Running shoes lack the ankle support, traction and durability needed for navigating uneven trails and carrying heavier loads. While they may be fine for light hiking on well-maintained trails, they can increase the risk of slips, trips and injuries on more challenging terrain. For hiking, it's advisable to wear hiking shoes or boots designed specifically for outdoor trekking. They provide better ankle support, stability and protection against rocks, roots and other obstacles encountered on the trail.
Wearing hiking shoes for walking is suitable, especially for longer walks or uneven terrain. Hiking shoes offer support, traction and durability, making them ideal for various walking conditions, including trails, gravel paths and hills. They provide stability and protection for your feet and ankles. However, for short walks on flat surfaces, casual shoes or sneakers may suffice. Ultimately, choose footwear based on the duration, intensity and terrain of your walking activity, opting for hiking shoes when extra support and durability are needed.