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Men's Skateboarding Shoes: adiClub Members Save 30% On Select Backpacks

Step onto the board in men's skate shoes. Explore our selection of vulc shoes, cupsole sneakers and signature models from adidas pro riders. Shop select backpacks for less and get ready to go back to school in style. Sign up or log in to your adiClub account to get exclusive savings on the essentials you need for the first day back. Limited time offer, while supplies last through 07/19. Exclusions apply.

adidas Men's Skate Shoes

Whether you spend all your time at the skate park or you hung up your board with your puka shells, men's skate shoes are your jam. The waxy, beige appeal of a vulcanised outsole sends your veins pumping and a canvas upper gets your attention like no other. Whether you're landing kickflips or savouring an espresso on the avenue, a low-cut design with fat laces and a rubber toe bumper is your go-to choice to pair with slim slacks and a boxy tee. Men's skateboarding shoes are built sturdy to survive the harsh knocks and are stylish and sleek by design.

Men's skate sneakers bring to mind rebels, punks and daredevils, as well as true athletes and geniuses of the art. Few athletic shoes carry such a rich and varied cultural tradition. Our men's skate footwear covers the map from low-key, low-slung, old-school looks to bold and futuristic new styles. They range from tried-and-true, black-and-white models to colours and patterns that state your refusal to follow the pack. Why stick to the expected when your moves show that you're anything but? Gear up in men's skate shoes from adidas now.

Men's Skateboarding Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Skate shoes are specifically designed for the rigours of skateboarding, offering durability, grip and board feel. The best shoe for you will depend on your personal preferences and skating style. adidas skateboard shoes offer a blend of performance and style. They come in a variety of constructions, including vulcanised (more flexible soles) and cupsole (more durable, better for impact), and many feature technologies like adiprene for cushioning. Suede is a popular choice for skate shoes. Canvas is less durable than suede or leather but is more breathable.
Technically, yes, but it's not recommended. Skateboarding involves a lot of friction, especially when grinding or doing tricks. Regular street shoes or sneakers aren't designed for this kind of wear and tear, and they'll quickly fall apart. Skateboarding requires you to have a good grip on the skateboard deck. Regular shoes often have smoother soles that can slip on the grip tape. Finally, skateboard shoes are designed to provide good board feel, which is important for control and precision. Regular shoes may have thicker soles or padding that make it harder to feel the board.
Skateboard shoes definitely make a difference in your skateboarding experience. Skate shoes have specially designed soles with textured patterns to provide superior grip on the grip tape of the board. This allows for better control and stability. Regular street shoes with smoother soles can easily slip. Skate shoes are specifically constructed with tougher materials and reinforced stitching to withstand grinding, flipping and other skateboarding stresses. And they often have padded collars and ankle support to help minimise the risk of sprains and injuries during jumps, landings and unexpected movements.