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Men's Trail Running Shoes

Keep your run going when the pavement ends in men's trail-running shoes. Tackle technical terrain with confidence and keep your stride smooth and strong.

adidas Men's Trail Running Shoes

Hit the dirt path, climb rocky trails or traverse wooded terrain in adidas men's trail-running shoes, designed for off-road adventures. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or just starting out, adidas offers high-performance sneakers to take you off the beaten path in comfort. Get equipped for uneven trails, loose surfaces, steep inclines and muddy conditions with the solid traction of Continental™ Rubber outsoles. Fly down rocky paths and dusty trails with adidas Boost cushioning to return energy with every stride. From low-cut to mid-cut styles, find the adidas men's trail-running shoes with the ankle support and flexibility you need to get out and go the distance.

Lace up a pair of men's trail sneakers from adidas and head to roads less travelled. Engineered mesh uppers offer lockdown and airflow while you run, and abrasion-resistant materials enhance durability for wear in rough terrain. When you're tackling wet trails, shoes with water-repellent uppers shed splashes of mud and water to keep your feet dry. With support, grip and weather protection, you'll be ready to run anywhere, from rocky ridges to wooded paths and desert trails. Wherever you explore, flash style with every step. You can choose from sleek black shoes or eye-catching colours like blue and orange. Head to out and run with men's trail-running shoes from adidas.