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Orange Shorts

Add a pop of colour to plain outfits with orange shorts from adidas. Hiking or biking, teeing off or trail running, these playful pieces let you move with ease.

adidas Orange Shorts

Well, someone doesn't mind standing out in a crowd! Yeah, we're talking to you, the icon making moves in a pair of adidas orange shorts. You're not content with basic black or neutral white or grey. You're not even content with a slightly less eye-catching primary colour. You're rocking a pair of orange shorts — wait a minute, those are actually neon-orange shorts; we were temporarily blinded there — and we are absolutely here for it. And when you need more of these eye-catching gems to help you stand out at the gym or track, on the field or trail or at home or out with friends, you know exactly where to go.

When you shop adidas, you'll find orange shorts in every shade. Burnt-orange shorts. Light-orange shorts. Shorts with allover designs that feature the colour orange. You'll also find shorts for all your favourite activities, from Terrex trail running shorts to Ultimate365 golf shorts to stretchy shorts for biking and studio classes like yoga and Pilates. And when you're hanging out, not working out, but are still focused on standing out, you can find orange everyday lifestyle shorts in our adidas Originals and Essentials collections. Just like adidas shorts designed for performance, these shorts are designed for comfort, with lightweight, breathable fabrics and moisture-absorbing technology. We have to say you might be on to something, cause there's just something about the way the 3-Stripes and Trefoil logo pop on a pair of orange shorts.