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Overpronation Shoes

Find stability in overpronation shoes from adidas. Discover overpronation sneakers for running, walking, golf and more to keep you moving in comfort.
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adidas Overpronation Shoes

If you have overpronated feet, the key to comfort — whether you're training for a marathon, going for long hikes or simply on your feet all day long — is finding the right pair of overpronation shoes. These specialised designs prioritise sturdy arch support, firm heel counters and extra cushioning to mitigate the tendency for the foot to excessively roll inward. When it comes to overpronation sneakers, adidas has a wide variety of shoes to choose from. Our Solarcontrol line is a great option for walkers and runners looking to extend their range, while the Dropset's stiff, supportive heel and grippy outsole make it ideal for high-intensity training. And golf players can get a classic adidas look and high performance in Samba and Stan Smith spikeless golf shoes designed for overpronation.

Anyone who has ever spent an extended period of time in shoes that are not designed to fit their body mechanics knows how much it can hurt not only your feet but also your back and the rest of your body. When you choose footwear specifically crafted for overpronation, you can significantly increase your comfort and stability while diminishing your risk of related injuries, ensuring better foot mechanics and improving your overall posture. And luckily, with adidas, you don't have to sacrifice that comfort for style, since you'll find iconic everyday shoes that help with overpronation — like the Nizza platform shoe, which has a vulcanised rubber outsole that provides great traction indoors and out. Don't settle for sneakers that don't give your feet the support and cushioning they need. Shop adidas overpronation shoes, and get out the door in comfort.