Shin Guards

Gear up for the next season with soccer shin guards. From slip-in pads to ankle protection, shop our selection of shin guards for training and match day.

adidas Shin Guards

Run soccer games without worrying about bumps and scrapes. adidas shin guards include a variety of designs, each one engineered to support a different type of play style. Lightweight and offering a natural feel, X shin guards are for players who don't want to compromise acceleration. Predator shin pads borrow their features from the franchise's iconic boot range. They include grippy elements designed to add extra stability and shock absorption. One of the most famous names in soccer, Tiro shin guards for soccer offer a more classic look while retaining thoroughly modern performance features. Even better, they all come in juniors' and adults' sizes.

Each franchise includes shin pads sporting different kinds of fixation. For supreme stability, choose Competition pads that come with a compressive sleeve to keep them in place. For maximum coverage, select a pair of Match guards complete with extra padding around the ankle. Whichever pair you choose, you'll be benefiting from plates designed to follow the contours of your legs and defend against the hardest tackles and stray kicks. On the back of each one, soft EVA cushioning helps keep you comfortable while also helping disperse the force of every contact. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a rising star, browse our range of shin guards now to find the perfect pair to take onto the field.

Shin Guards Frequently Asked Questions

Shin guards go under your soccer socks. Socks help keep the guard snug and in place throughout the game. They'll also cover sharp edges if the guard breaks. If your shin guards include ankle protection, put the shin guards on first, then your socks and finally your cleats. If they don't include ankle guards, put on your socks and cleats first, then add the shin guards. If you like, you can cut the feet off an old pair of socks and wear the sleeves under the guard to prevent chafing.
Most shin guards are sized based on height. For example, a size Medium guard generally fits players between 5"3" and 5'11". If your calf is very wide, you might want to size up. The guard should cover the area from just above your ankle bone to a couple of inches below your knee. With your boots on, bend your foot to make sure the top edge doesn't dig into your ankle. Guards should feel snug but not constricting — you should be able to fit two fingers between the guard and your leg.
Shin guards are strongly recommended for soccer, and many leagues — especially for youth players — require their use. The game involves a lot of running, kicking and tackling, which can lead to accidental kicks or high-speed collisions with other players, the ball or the ground. Shin guards provide a crucial layer of protection against bruises, cuts and even fractures. Knowing your shins are protected can give you the confidence to play more aggressively and go for tackles or blocks you might otherwise hesitate to attempt.