Tall · Shorts


Tall shorts for athletic domination

Ensure you’ve got the freedom to move how you want to below the waist with a pair of adidas tall shorts. The cuts provide extra length so you’ve got sufficient coverage down your legs towards the knee. Forget about brief shorts that too often restrict hip flexion and comfort – it’s time to get the extra length that you deserve. Hitting the track for an intense training session? Check. Moving between work and home with a stop or two along the way? Check. The tall shorts range is engineered for the active individual who wants proper coverage and will become your favourite item when getting dressed.

Break free from the competition

Fast-drying materials used in tall shorts, such as recycled polyester and elastane, allow steady airflow through mesh channels. The breathable nature of the designs means you can train the house down without having to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Lightweight and sweat-absorbing, no workout will be beyond you. You can also find models with anti-odour fabrics and UPF 50+ UV protection for all-round performance. Elastic waistbands keep tall shorts locked on to your hips no matter how much you jump and run. Get kitted out with a non-limiting cut and begin to grasp your full athletic potential.

Discover the shorts design you need

While they offer additional length compared to standard sizes, tall shorts don’t force you towards picking a baggy fit. There are tight yoga and cycling models available that deliver a supportive wrap around your legs. The compression tights provide the firm-fitting cosiness you’re used to without riding high and showing too much skin. More traditional running tall shorts and basketball styles are also included in the collection. Opt for a pair with practical side pockets if you intend on blending sport and casual wear. Distinctive adidas branding gives all tall shorts models an active energy.