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Essentials 3-Stripes Bike Shorts
Designed to Move High-Rise 3-Stripes 7/8 Sport Leggings
Designed to Move High-Rise 3-Stripes 7/8 Sport Leggings
Designed To Move High-Rise Short Sport Tights
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights (Plus Size)
LOUNGEWEAR Essentials High-Waisted Logo Leggings
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights
Circuit Solid 7/8 Leggings
Optime Training Leggings
Believe This 2.0 7/8 Tights
Optime Trainicons 7/8 Leggings
Optime Training 7/8 Leggings
Essentials 3-Stripes Leggings (Plus Size)
Adicolor Tights
Adicolor Essentials Tights
Adicolor Essentials Tights
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights
adidas Yoga Studio 7/8 Leggings
Optime Trainicons 3-Stripes Bike Short Leggings
Adicolor Classics Tonal 3-Stripes Tights
adidas Yoga Studio Flared Leggings
Training Equipment 3-Stripes Tights
Training Essentials 7/8 Leggings (Maternity)
Optime Training Bike Short Leggings
Optime Training 7/8 Leggings
Training Essentials 3-Stripes High-Waisted Short Leggings
Adicolor Classics SST Open Hem Tights
7/8 Leggings
Training Essentials 7/8 Leggings (Maternity)
Adicolor Essentials Tights (Plus Size)
adidas AEROKNIT Training Seamless Tights
Training Essentials Flared Leggings
Optime Training Croc Emboss 7/8 Leggings
adidas Essentials Tights
Yoga Studio Luxe Fire Super-High-Waisted Short Leggings
LOUNGEWEAR Essentials 3-Stripes Leggings
Future Icons Badge of Sport Leggings
Techfit Period-Proof Tights (Plus Size)
Training Essentials High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings
Tailored HIIT 45 seconds Training Short Leggings
Adicolor Essentials Tights (Plus Size)
7/8 High Waist Allover Print Leggings
FARM Rio Training Essentials 7/8 Leggings
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Leggings and tights

The adidas tights and leggings are one of the key items in any athlete's wardrobe because of the benefits it provides, such as holding muscles firmly in place and improving blood flow to the muscles, which boosts athletic performance. adidas tights and leggings are designed to be very comfortable for athletes so that they don’t interfere in their activities. A significant feature that ensures this comfort is the cotton and elastane fabric that hugs the body of the athlete like a second skin. The material is soft, smooth and stretchy for maximum comfort for both male and female athletes. As the leggings and tights are firmly fitted to the athlete, it is designed to wick away moisture generated during training activities for dry comfort all through.

Made to fit

The tights feature a high rise in the back such that it doesn’t pull down during training and workout sessions. An ankle zip is also featured in the leggings for the extra comfort of the wearer. As with all in-built benefits of leggings and tights for athletes, they are also designed to be pleasing and fashionable in the field. For instance, a small Trefoil logo on the lower part of the leggings brings iconic designs to modern streets. 360° reflectivity technology is also in-built in the tights so that even at sunset, you remain visible to oncoming vehicles through the reflection of light. This technology is most useful for athletes that work-out at early in the morning or late at night, particularly during hours of darkness.

Standard colours for your leggings and tights

Standard colours for athletics clothing have always been black and other darker shades of green and blue. However, recent years have seen the incorporation of colour combinations to liven-up the environment. When you choose your tights or leggings for your next training session, let your creativity flow and make a fashion statement.