The Ultraboost Light is made with 30% lighter BOOST material and hundreds of BOOST capsules for epic energy in every stride. Featuring soft BOOST cushioning and adidas' innovative LEP torsion system, Ultraboost Light delivers comfort, cushioning and responsiveness in every run.
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The next evolution of adidas Ultraboost is here. Offering epic energy in a package that's lighter than ever, the Ultraboost Light running shoes amp up the feeling of energy return to help you chase your personal running goals in comfort. What sets these shoes apart from the past? It all comes down to the details. adidas Light Boost cushioning is a new generation of adidas Boost material that's 30% lighter than ever before. Because heavy legs are the last thing you want when you're running, the lightweight cushioning gives you the freedom to run far and fast. Keeping your impact light, the Ultraboost Light shoes also have a 10% lower carbon footprint than the previous Ultraboost. 

Running is a personal journey. Some runners chase finish lines. Some run in pursuit of health and fitness. Some simply enjoy the feeling of the fresh air. Whatever inspires you to lace on your running shoes, UB Light helps you make the most of every stride. As you run, an adidas Primeknit+ FORGED upper hugs with an adaptive fit that enhances the foot's natural movement and accommodates expansion. Underfoot, a Linear Energy Push system adds stiffness in the midfoot and forefoot to help guide your foot forward to snappy toe-offs. The adidas Light Boost cushioning works in perfect harmony with a Continental™ Rubber outsole that offers extraordinary grip in wet or dry conditions. 

Ensuring every runner can experience the energy and lightness of Ultraboost Light, the women's version of this shoe is tailored to the female form. We used 1.2 million footscans to create a shoe that's not only bursting with epic energy, but is a better fit for the female foot. No matter how or why you run, you can experience ultimate cushioning, comfort and responsiveness in our lightest Ultraboost ever. When your feet hit the pavement, hundreds of adidas Boost capsules explode into epic energy to help send you forward. So lace up in the Ultraboost Light running shoes and start moving your feet.

Ultraboost Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2015, adidas Ultraboost shoes became the first running shoe to be as popular in streetwear style as in performance running. Their iconic silhouette is made of a Primeknit upper, separated lace cage and heel-to-toe Boost for incredible energy return.
adidas Ultraboost shoes are made with a Primeknit upper, a separated lace cage and heel-to-toe Boost. Boost is made of eTPU, and Primeknit is digitally knit into one piece, providing lightweight, seamless comfort created with less waste.
Although they’ve been adopted by the fashion world and can be worn for every day, adidas Ultraboost are running shoes first and foremost. With their sock-like Primeknit upper and energy-returning Boost midsole, Ultraboost gives runners a feeling of responsive cushioning with every stride.
The range that Ultraboost shoes last varies based on what they are being used for and for how long. Typically the midsole stays in good condition for around 250 miles. People wear Ultraboost shoes for various reasons which impacts how long they will last.