A man with long black hair and neck tattoos stares into the camera, standing on a busy street while wearing a black suit and a white shirt.


Y-3 Blue Y-3 SuperstarY-3 Blue Y-3 Superstar

Y-3 Superstar


Y-3 Black Y-3 Ajatu RunY-3 Black Y-3 Ajatu Run

Y-3 Ajatu Run


Y-3 Blue Y-3 GazelleY-3 Blue Y-3 Gazelle

Y-3 Gazelle


Y-3 White Y-3 RivalryY-3 White Y-3 Rivalry

Y-3 Rivalry


Y-3 Black Y-3 ITOGOY-3 Black Y-3 ITOGO



Y-3 Red Y-3 Logo CapY-3 Red Y-3 Logo Cap

Y-3 Logo Cap


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The Y3 collection daringly reimagines the brand's signature codes

adidas and Yohji Yamamoto continue their industry defining partnership with a triumphant offering of audacious sportswear, reimagined through a distinctly avant-garde lens. This season, Y-3 shines a light on its most iconic color, contrasting the luminosity of Orange with black and neutral palettes, while simultaneously incorporating evocative references to a sport that has remained an unending influence – football.

Step into the subversive world of adidas and Yohji Yamamoto

Dynamically revisiting its past in order to boldly confront the future, Y-3 invites you to reconsider the very nature of contemporary design. From contrasting logos, to bold blocking, and even fluorescent Orange color palettes, the latest collection from adidas and Yohji Yamamoto brings together a harmonious cacophony of contrasts – like only Y-3 can.

Uncover a defiantly rebellious spirit

Whether it’s reimagined takes on football crest logos or subverted team sponsor graphics, Y-3's latest collection reinvents the codes of sport, inviting you to explore a new age of design. An array of dynamic footwear options has something for everyone as the brand revisits some of its most loved silhouettes. But fear not, newness abounds, as Yohji Yamamoto's uncompromisingly avant-garde perspective takes timeless adidas icons, and reimagines them for a hitherto unexplored future.