Blue Gazelle Sneakers

Freshen up your everyday sneaker rotation with a pair of blue adidas Gazelle shoes. Sport inspired, street approved. All in your favourite colour.

adidas Blue Gazelles

Loyal. Constant. Dependable. That's what it means to be true blue. Loyal. Constant. Dependable. Those are also words that describe the Gazelle, the iconic shoe that's been a permanent fixture in the adidas collection of sport-meets-street-style shoes for more than 50 years. So in a pair of blue adidas Gazelle shoes, you're getting double the amount of those attributes. Another interesting connection? The expression "true blue" most likely started as a way to describe a type of high-quality blue dye that remained fast and did not run. So let's add "high-quality" and "remained fast" to the list of words that apply to a pair of blue adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Since its debut in the 1960s, the Gazelle design has remained virtually unchanged, making it instantly recognisable among its fellow sneakers. What started as an indoor training shoe quickly became fashionable footwear beloved by rockers, artists and everyday people, as well as kids and adults. The ultimate in simplicity, they impress with clean lines and a low-key profile enhanced by the iconic T-toe and a reinforced heel tab. On a pair of blue adidas Gazelle shoes, the signature serrated 3-Stripes and logos really pop, whether you're flaunting a dark- or light-blue adidas Gazelle. Show your true blue loyalty to an icon when you opt for a blue adidas Gazelle.