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Climachill Gear

Keep your cool with Climachill gear from adidas. You can turn up the heat on high-intensity workouts like running or HIIT class with styles that cool and dry.

Stay Cool when you Train with the Climachill adidas Range. 

Designed to keep you invigorated in high temperatures, this line is made using special technology that stops you from overheating. With Climachill shirts, shorts, and other apparel from the range, you'll be able to train and compete longer and harder no matter how hot it is outside.

The technology that makes the shoe

But how does Climachill work? The cooling sensation may seem like magic, but it's the Climachill adidas technology woven right into the fabric that does the trick. Tiny aluminium silver dots are entwined between titanium cooling fibres to draw heat away from your body. While the dots make you feel cool and crisp, the fabric itself keeps you ventilated. Its mesh-like microfibre construction is ultra-breathable, wicking moisture away from your back, underarms, and other areas prone to sweating.

Of course, this technology isn't the only thing that makes the range so great. Alongside keeping your skin dry and your temperature low, each piece is designed to providing cooling coverage without limiting your range of motion. Even when your workout ramps up, you can trust this sportswear to stay put and move with you, avoiding painful chafing. From fit to functionality, everything has been designed with your comfort in mind.

How can I style pieces from the Climachill range?

The range includes a variety of apparel in great colorways and designs for a range of activities, including running, tennis, and everyday workouts. To maximise your comfort, pair tops and bottoms together to suit your training session and keep your whole body cool.