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adidas Copa

Take your game to a whole new level with adidas Copa. Lace on adidas Copa turf shoes or cleats and experience a flawless connection between foot and ball.

adidas Copa

Unleash your skills on the pitch with adidas Copa. adidas offers high-performance shoes and cleats for turf, firm ground, and indoor use so you'll be prepared and ready to take on your opponents and dominate the game. Or choose more versatile outsoles when your playing surfaces are variable. Whether you're scoring goals or stopping goals, form-fitting uppers, cushioned heels and performance technologies provide stability and improved ball touch, helping to heighten your senses. Lightweight outsoles provide traction so you can manoeuvre quickly with confidence to meet any challenge. adidas Copa shoes help you focus on the game instead of your feet.

In addition to offering technologies and structures that support your game function, adidas Copa cleats let you dominate the fashion scene as well as the pitch. Show off your soccer style with 3-Stripes and the Trefoil featured on the uppers. Choose from classic all-black or black and white, or choose adidas Copa cleats with pops of colour to represent your team. Whether you're working hard to master skills at practice or taking on the championship, these soccer shoes have your back. Shop adidas Copa online or in store today.

adidas Copa Frequently Asked Questions

The adidas Copa Mundial is a legendary soccer cleat known for its iconic design, premium kangaroo leather upper and outstanding comfort. It was first introduced in 1979 and has been worn by some of the greatest players in the world, including Franz Beckenbauer. Copa Mundial cleats are designed with a soft, form-fitting kangaroo leather upper, which moulds to your foot over time. It also offers excellent ball control and feel. The Copa Mundial can be used on a variety of surfaces, including natural grass and artificial grass.
While the adidas Copa Mundial isn't as widely used by professional players today as it was in its peak years, there are still some notable pros who wear Copa Mundial soccer shoes for their classic feel and timeless design. For example, David Alaba — the versatile defender has worn Copa Mundial boots throughout his career. Many other pro players have worn Copa Mundials at some point. Ultimately, the decision of whether to wear Copa Mundials comes down to factors like playing style, personal preference and the type of surface you'll be playing on.
adidas Copa soccer boots are designed for players who prioritise touch, control and comfort on the field. While they can technically be worn by any position, they're particularly well-suited for central midfielders and defenders. The Copa's soft Fusionskin cow leather upper provides exceptional feel for the ball, allowing for precise passing and close control in tight spaces. The Copa's stability and secure fit offers the control needed for accurate passing and dribbling. Strikers can benefit from the Copa's soft touch for first-time finishes and delicate chip shots around the goalkeeper.