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Cycling shorts

For the serious rider, cycling shorts are one of the most important elements of the outfit when it’s time to get on the bicycle, especially if you are a frequent or long-distance rider. Choosing the style that suits your needs is of utmost importance, and the adidas collection has something for everyone. Cycling shorts with a tight but non-restrictive fit are a great choice for the casual rider as they help improve performance while acting as a comfortable second skin. For a style more suited to competitive cycling, look for shorts with a compression fit such as RacePlus.

Your comfort is our mission

The cycling shorts in the adidas collection aim at making your ride as comfortable as possible, regardless of the terrain, length or speed. They have been designed to flex with every movement you make, giving you the ability to move freely while being supported. Styles with a seat pad are perfect for long rides and have the ability to keep you comfortable for multiple hours. If you expect to ride in less favourable weather, choose a style coated with water repellent on the side panels which will help block moisture and wind.

It’s all in the details

Regardless of your needs or preferred style, it’s really the details that can make the difference and turn your cycling experience from good to exceptional. A pair of cycling shorts with reflective details will give you extra visibility so you can feel safer when the sun goes down or if you’re cycling in cloudy and foggy weather. An elastic waist will ensure your shorts stay in place and give you the confidence you need to push through those miles. But the details are also in the production as adidas has partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure all the cotton they use is ethically farmed and to help improve the conditions of cotton farming throughout the globe.