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Men’s white trousers – because the possibilities are endless

At adidas, we understand the difficulty that comes from narrowing down your choices between the snazzy models in our collection of white trousers for men, because you can envision yourself in each and every pair! To make your selection process a bit easier, let’s consider their purpose. You want something smart to wear for work, school or those events where you want to look your absolute best. And then there are the white trousers you wear when you’re just chilling out and about with a friend or relative.

Men’s white trousers exude durability and comfort

Want white trousers to wear to the gym, or on the footie pitch or tossing some hoops with the guys on the court? Look for trousers with a loose cut so you can sprint when the ball is in play, made with cotton fleece so you can play your game and stay warm all the way to the finish. This durability is present in all of our men's white trousers which makes them great for a good sweat on the volleyball, tennis or racquetball court. And if you choose not to get yours dirty, just wear them home instead.

Make a classy impression when you wear designer white trousers for men

The adidas men’s white trousers collection are available in pull-on, drawstring or zipper styles and are perfect for those occasions when you want to make not only a good impression, but a classy one at that. Choose a original that has that tapered fit for a clean appearance, ideal for going on a casual date or having dinner with your partner, or go for a more chilled vibe with large cargo-style pockets that will allow you to pack all your valuables and not feel the least bit bulky or hampered.