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adidas Originals Samba Shoes

A beloved trainer that's been part of the core adidas lineup for over seven decades. There's a reason the adidas Originals Samba shoes have continued to make an impact on culture and fashion after all of these years. The adidas Originals Samba shoes aren't super technical, and they aren't incredibly flashy either. That's where the beauty of the adidas Originals Samba sneakers lie. They're simply a minimalist classic, which means they're versatile and can flow with you through different looks, different days and different modes. The adidas Sambas were first introduced as an indoor soccer shoe, but they've gone on to cover expansive ground — from music venues to fashion runways to the streets all over the world. You'll always recognize the adidas Originals Samba shoes, since the T-toe design makes them unmistakable. There's also the rubber gumsole, which has been around since 1950. That gumsole was originally made for stability in icy conditions back in the day, and it continues to keep you grounded as you move through the city. Another signature marker? The serrated 3-Stripes. When something works, you don't always need to change it — something proven with the adidas Originals Samba shoes.

What can change on the adidas Originals Samba shoes, though, are the colors and materials. You can find adidas Originals Samba shoes in suede or leather, and done up in a variety of colors that can range from mellow and muted to bold and vibrant. You'll find trainers that flash that Samba lettering to really make the style known. Though with all the classic adidas details, there's really no question of what they are. If skateboarding is your thing, then there are the adidas Originals Samba shoes that were made for board control and increased durability and stability as you cruise and flow. There's no limit to options, so browse through the selection of adidas Originals Samba shoes and discover the one that feels right.