Pink jerseys


Pink jerseys

Let nothing distract you from your routine. adidas outfits integrate easily into your style and you can take on your whole workload for the day comfortably and full of energy. adidas jerseys fit perfectly and are a vital layer for sport and daily life. With pink jerseys, you can give everything you've got each and every day.

Write your own rules – adidas pink jerseys

Recycled polyester is among the materials we use to produce our jerseys. The solution to the plastic problem is innovation. We attribute a new function to plastic and use it as a recycled material to manufacture our products.

Tiro17 and PrimeGreen are our popular jersey collections.

We support creativity and sportsmanship. Together, kids, men and women can break the rules and then redefine them, only to then question them once more.

Show your individual style that is totally you with a pink jersey from adidas.