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Pool & swimming shoes

When it comes to choosing your pool & swimming shoes, having the right style is of the utmost importance. You want them to give you proper support while soothing your feet after an intense exercise session. The adidas collection includes a variety of slides that are easy to slip on and off, flip flops that provide a casual look, and sandals with ankle and foot straps for extra support and a secure fit. Sizes are available for both adults and children – because comfort knows no age – and most styles have a lightweight feel so you won’t have to worry about dragging around extra weight when you’re tired.

Comfort starts in the design

All the pool & swimming shoes in the adidas collection have been designed for maximum comfort. An EVA outsole is lightweight and rubbery, and therefore ensures better grip on wet surfaces so you’ll feel protected at all times. Meanwhile, a soft and cushiony footbed will help you re-energise with every step you take. The material used is also quick-drying to ensure your feet are protected from moisture and dry rapidly after your swim.

Choose the pool shoes right for you

With the large selection of pool & swimming shoes available, you’re guaranteed to find a style you love and that’s just right for you. Choose pool slides with a contoured footbed for stability, or slides with massage nubs on the footbed to give your feet a bit of TLC after a hard workout. Find a style with the classic adidas 3-Stripes clearly displayed if you want to make a statement, or you’ll find other styles sporting a small, discreet logo. And to make your pool & swimming shoes really special, go for a style that offers free personalisation, giving you the ability to add your name or another short text on the upper of the shoe.

Even at the swimming pool you can look stylish with a pair of adidas pool shoes. Usually, ordinary shoes aren’t allowed in the pool area, so it’s a good idea to have a pair of swimming pool shoes handy. Worn to prevent dirt from being brought into the pool area, pool shoes also help your feet to avoid nasty foot infections. With safety being paramount in a wet environment, pool shoes provide the necessary grip that stops you from slipping and sliding. No matter what the surface – whether it’s tiles, rubber or cement – you can negotiate the poolside with confidence in a quality pair of pool shoes.

Anti-slip footwear

From the poolside to the changing rooms to the showers, you need to wear non-slip footwear to protect your feet when you’re at the pool. With anti-slip soles ensuring stability on wet surfaces, swimming pool footwear also needs to be lightweight and comfy. adidas swimming pool shoes are designed with comfortable EVA material, which is light and easy to move in, with some models also featuring Supercloud cushioning in the soles. With quick-drying properties, these pool shoes are also shower-friendly.

Healthy feet

Swimming pools can be rife for foot infections due to their warmth and moisture, as well as often being a public space. It’s easy for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive in the damp environment, so wearing suitable pool shoes is important for your foot health. Keep your feet safely away from the ground and protected by EVA materials.

Easy wear

Also known as sliders thanks to the way they slide on to your feet, our pool shoes are the quick and easy footwear option during the summer season. Not only are they designed for wearing around the pool, they’re great for the beach and make comfortable lounge shoes for around the house or post-workout, particularly after a shower. You can even wear your pool shoes with socks and make a fashion statement. Other models feature a flip-flop fit and children’s swimming sandals offer adjustable straps.