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Weightlifting Shoes

The right shoes make all the difference when you lift. Discover weightlifting shoes from adidas that will have you feeling stable and focused at the gym.

adidas Weightlifting Shoes

Hit the gym and load up in adidas weightlifting shoes. A solid stance and supportive foundation during your reps makes a huge difference whether you're just beginning your lifting journey or you're a seasoned pro. The lifting shoes you choose might make the difference when shooting for your next PR. If you're working out to gain strength and stability to improve daily functionality, some styles have the technology, flexibility and supportive structure you need when you're doing deadlifts and squats. If you're training for a competition, you'll find that perfect lifting shoe to take you to the next level and increase your rep count.

With our squat shoes, you won't have to sacrifice fashion for function, so hit the gym in classic lifting sneakers that were made with the athlete in mind. Feel energised during your workout and hit your rep goals. From squats to curls, our shoes for weightlifting support your strength and style. Achieve more. Be a style icon. Shop adidas for weightlifting shoes that will help you grow stronger.