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Complete your ensemble with women’s outdoor, hiking and trekking trousers

Every part of your gear needs to be performing at 100% when you step out into the great outdoors. Make sure it’s that way with the adidas selection of women’s outdoor, hiking and trekking trousers. Enhanced by the very best technology available, these designs offer a wide selection of styles, each one prepared for wind, rain, storm and sun. Able to adapt to a number of different situations, the adidas range of hiking and trekking trousers are essential items for everyone who takes part in outdoor activities, or who simply loves being amongst nature.

Ready for anything

Trousers may seem simple, but this collection from adidas features innovative technology that works 24/7 to make sure you can explore in comfort and style. Drawcords at the waist and the cuffs let you customise your trousers to find your perfect fit, while pre-shaped knees with inserts offer extra support for natural body movement. Four-way stretch materials take your flexibility to the next level, and fabrics are also treated to be resistant against the wind, rain and sun, with some pairs even including UV protection too. Fits find the perfect balance between too loose and too snug, ensuring you remain in comfort for the duration of your hike. Zipped pockets are the perfect finishing touch, letting you keep your essentials close at hand and safe at all times.

Performance and presentation

With these women’s outdoor, hiking and trekking trousers, wearing high-performance apparel doesn’t have to come at the expense of your style. These trousers are designed to offer a sleek and stylish addition to any contemporary hiking ensemble, with simple colours and muted tones that are versatile and easy to wear. Take your pick from cropped or full-length trousers, find the colour you like the best, and enjoy these hiking and trekking trousers for the whole day.