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Women's Weightlifting Shoes

Give yourself a strong and stable platform with a pair of women's weightlifting shoes by adidas, because the best lifting performance requires a solid foundation. When you're aiming to improve your performance in squats and Olympic-style lifts our heeled squat shoes can transform your lifting experience. In our ladies' lifting shoes collection you'll find high-performance heeled options that make lifting the heaviest loads more comfortable. Choose proven women's shoes for weightlifting from our Adipower and Powerlift ranges: adidas Adipower is the ultimate platform for heavy lifting with sturdy raised heels and high-density midsoles; and Powerlift is our lightest shoe which features midfoot stability wedges. Both offer grippy rubber outsoles and a locked-in feel thanks to hook-and-loop instep straps. Get ready to revolutionise your squats and deadlifts with our high-performance adidas weightlifting shoes for women.

adidas Weightlifting Shoes for Women

The best possible lifting performance depends a solid foundation. Give yourself a fighting chance with a pair of weightlifting shoes for women by adidas. Featuring a range of hard-working technologies, these new additions to your workout wardrobe will help you perform to the best of your ability. Push yourself to lift heavier, knowing that you’re stable in specifically cut, supportive shoes.

Flexibility and reinforced hold

Whether you’re just new to training or a seasoned pro, women’s weightlifting shoes are an essential piece of your kit. Offering flexibility, stability and reinforced support where you need it most, adidas weightlifting shoes for women will help you focus on your strengths without distraction. Many adidas women’s weightlifting shoes are built on a tough outsole, with some featuring highly durable Adiwear technology. Synthetic uppers with TPU skins are ideal for those who prefer more support, and various models offer either flexible or reinforced forefoots and rearfoot cradles for even more security. Push yourself to the limit with your feet firmly on the ground.

Micro-adjust your fit

Everyone tackles their sport differently, and that includes how they wear and adjust their kit. Most adidas weightlifting shoes for women feature a lace closure with hook-and-loop strap for an easily adjustable, stabilising fit. Some models also feature the innovative Boa® Closure System, which offers the ability to make micro-adjustments that will keep your feet held in place just as you need them. Plant yourself firmly in the halls of fame with the support of these women’s weightlifting shoes.

Women's Weightlifting Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Not exactly. The two kinds of shoes have design features that make them more suitable for different uses. Training shoes are generally made to handle activities that involve jumping or moving from side to side, such as cardio and group fitness classes. Women's lifting shoes are specifically designed for weightlifting exercises like squats, deadlifts and cleans. They have a raised heel, a stiff sole and a snug fit. The raised heel improves ankle mobility and helps keep your torso more upright. The stiff sole helps to transfer power from your legs to the ground more efficiently.
Women's lifting shoes can have an impact on your performance and safety, but it depends on your experience level and goals. The pros include improved form and ankle mobility. By promoting proper form and stability, weightlifting shoes can help reduce your risk of injury. On the other hand, lifting shoes are not ideal for other types of exercise, such as running or jumping. They can be uncomfortable for activities that require a lot of movement from side to side. If you're just starting out weightlifting, you might focus on proper form and mobility exercises before investing in a pair of lifting shoes.
Women's squat shoes, also known as weightlifting shoes, should ideally have a snug fit — not too loose or too tight. The shoe should feel secure on your foot, especially in the heel. There should be minimal to no movement of your heel inside the shoe when they're laced up. This helps ensure stability and a secure fit, which is important for safety when lifting heavy weights. While the fit should be snug, your toes shouldn't feel cramped. Look for about a half inch of space between your biggest toe and the end of the shoe.