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Disney backpacks

Make school trips an exciting adventure with a bag that your kids will love. Nothing is more exciting than bringing Disney characters from the screen to the schoolyard, and this range of Disney backpacks makes heading out the door a thrill. In addition to stylish prints, the products also have functional designs that take the stress out of moving. What’s more, adidas thinks about sports performance so that the bags can be used to pack gear for a game. Designed to have heaps of space, parents can pack everything their child will need for an entire day.

Not such a simple design

Disney backpacks have neat features around every corner that make life a touch smoother. Internal lined sleeves help you separate items that need to be carried and offer a snug spot for books. There are also models that boast slip-in pockets on the exterior of the bag, providing easy access for essentials such as drink bottles. Fitted with padded straps that sit flush on the shoulders, structural strength is delivered. The straps can be easily adjusted to suit both tall and short children, meaning Disney backpacks sit right where you want them to. Carry handles at the top allow quick pick-ups when the distance to travel isn’t far.

Set kids free to explore

Being held back is something children shouldn’t have to face. Disney backpacks are made with lightweight fabrics, such as polyester, that keep them moving as fast as possible. The synthetic materials are soft on the skin and durable, making for a comfortable ride. Also, adidas places a focus on using recycled sources of PET to construct the polyester, resulting in fewer emissions and a cleaner environment. Styles of Disney backpacks also have coated outings that shed water without hassle. Rainy days are never to be a problem again! Equip your kids with all their essential items and let them discover what the world has to offer.