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Men's Weightlifting Clothes & Shoes

When you're ready to hit it hard at the gym, you need men's weightlifting clothes and shoes that can carry their weight. Get your reps in with the right gear.

adidas Men's Weightlifting Clothes & Shoes

Prep for your most intense lifts in men's weightlifting clothes and shoes from adidas. Our selection of gear for weightlifters and powerlifters is designed to provide support and performance for Olympic lifts, squats, deadlifts, bench presses and more. Compression gear like Techfit base layers, tights and shorts provide targeted muscle support to help you lift heavier. Breathable mesh t-shirts, tank tops and shorts wick away sweat to keep you dry through multiple sets.

For the ultimate in stability, our men's lifting shoes feature flat, rigid soles and straps that lock your foot in place. Pair them with squat shoes for a customised workout experience. We also offer knee sleeves, lifting straps, weightlifting belts and a range of accessories to provide an extra edge. Whether you're focused on powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting or a mix of strength-training exercises, our men's lifting gear will fuel your workout. Our innovative fabrics and footwear are designed specifically for the demands of strength training. Come on over to adidas to find the men's weightlifting clothes and shoes that will take your lifting routine to the next level.