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Mountain Biking Shoes

With mountain biking shoes from adidas giving you full-day comfort, you're always ready to ride. Find the right level of sturdiness and grip to suit the trail.

adidas Mountain Biking Shoes

Whether you're commuting to class or bombing down hills, mountain biking shoes from adidas hit the trifecta for comfort, performance and durability. Choose the iconic Five Ten Freerider for its legendary flat pedal control and Stealth S1 rubber outsole with a Dotty tread that keeps your feet firmly planted on the pedals. Some styles have a quick-drying synthetic upper with a water-resistant finish and an impact-resistant toe box for enhanced impact coverage. Or choose MTB shoes that combine the all-terrain support of technical trail runners with cycling-specific details for a blend of hiking stability and biking control. They're just the ticket for exploring everything from abandoned dirt roads to singletrack and off-trail scrambling. Stealth Phantom rubber adds the pedal-gripping power to ride any trail.

Take on sharper curves, steeper inclines and muddy trails knowing you'll stay pedalling through it all. Our mountain biking sneakers and shoes feature a breathable upper with abrasion-resistant materials that can handle stray rocks and sticks that fly up as you speed down the route. High-top designs wrap around your ankle and help block out debris, and clip-in styles allow for extra-efficient, powerful pedalling when you need it most. When you're catching air or whipping around a curve, a high-friction rubber outsole helps keep your feet locked in place. From casual rides on your favourite course to blazing new trails, you'll be comfortably flying in a pair of mountain biking shoes from adidas.

Mountain Biking Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main types of mountain bike shoes: ones for flat pedals and ones for clipless pedals. Flat pedal shoes have a sticky rubber sole that provides grip on the pedals. They're easy to walk in and are a good choice for beginners or riders who like to be able to put their foot down quickly. Clipless pedals have cleats that attach the shoe to the pedal. Clipless shoes like the Five Ten Kestrel or Hellcat provide a more efficient transfer of power to the pedals, but it can be more difficult to walk in clipless shoes.
Mountain biking shoes offer several advantages over regular shoes. First, they have stiffer soles. This helps transfer your pedalling power more efficiently, maximising your effort on the trail. Shoes like the Five Ten Freerider have aggressive treads made from sticky rubber compounds that provide better grip on flat pedals. Mountain bike shoes often have reinforced toes and tough materials to shield your feet from impacts with rocks, roots or branches. Finally, mountain bike shoes are designed for the posture required for cycling, with features like good arch support and a snug fit to keep your feet comfortable on long rides.
For casual riding or commuting, it's fine to use mountain bike shoes on your road bike. But for serious road cycling, road-specific shoes are better for the best power transfer and efficiency. Mountain biking shoes often have deeper treads, more substantial materials and a bulkier design compared to road shoes, which can add weight and create slightly more wind resistance. But they also generally have a more comfortable feel, and having a single pair of shoes that works for both disciplines can save money and storage space.