Outdoor · Shorts


Take your workout to the trail with a pair of outdoor shorts

There are few things more motivating and refreshing than being able to take your workout beyond the gym and out into the wide world. Whether you're looking to pound the pavements of your city or you want to hit the hiking trails, the right pair of outdoor shorts is an essential ingredient. A built-in mesh offers maximum breathability, and sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry no matter how hard and high you climb.

Keep yourself comfortable and protected from the elements

Comfort is important during any workout, but if you're getting fit in the outside world then it's even more crucial. After all, protecting your body from the elements isn't something you can afford to ignore. That's why these outdoor shorts are so fantastic. They're seriously lightweight and can offer you plenty of freedom of movement without sacrificing durability, allowing you to focus on the trail and getting yourself to the top of that next big climb. They also have several pockets, which means that no matter where you find yourself, you're still able to keep your essentials close at hand.

Make these outdoor shorts part of a practical and stylish ensemble

The right pair of outdoor shorts might be the perfect start to your workout ensemble, but if you're planning on getting out into the world for your workout you need to be sure that you're paying just as much attention to the rest of your clothes. Being able to combine your shorts with clothes that offer the same balance of form and function is the perfect way to ensure that you're always dressed for the occasion, whether you're heading out on the hiking trail or running into town to deal with some errands. The right ensemble can make you feel unstoppable.