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Powerlift · Shoes


adidas Powerlift Shoes

It’s time to take your weight training to the next level with Powerlift shoes. Nothing is more important than having a secure base when you’re pushing your limits and these purpose-built shoes with an Adiwear outsole prevent slipping. Designed for performance, adidas powerlifting gear will drive you to reach your goals on the gym floor.

Fine-tuned for weightlifting

Engineered to ensure that you stay in control while lifting heavy, Powerlift shoes are loaded with features and industry-leading technologies. Specifically designed for weightlifting, the shoes have a die-cut midsole wedge that delivers balance and added traction. Equipped with this, your weight will be centred throughout your entire range of motion and you’ll find yourself able to push upwards with more command. With a narrow fit, the adidas powerlifting line guarantees there will be no wriggle room inside and that you’ll have a locked-down connection with the floor. Enjoy the peace of mind to focus your efforts on breaking new personal bests, knowing you have a stable base and targeted support.

adidas Powerlift shoes are designed to reward your input with maximal energy transfer. Layered with a sturdy Adiwear outsole, you’ll have more traction with the ground than ever before. Utilise this boosted grip to capitalise on your lifts and get the most return on your exertion. Featuring an open forefoot, toe flexion capability and lightweight materials, you’ll be just as comfortable as you are confident. With a premium quality canvas upper, breathability is ensured – and with it, long-term performance and durability.

Boasting a lace system that includes a strap for additional security, Powerlift shoes will enhance your control during lifts. The loop fastening arrangement lets you customise the feel of the shoes with a simple pull, leaving you more time for your workout. The adidas powerlifting range is built for the dedicated weightlifter who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort.