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Football Scarves

adidas football scarves offer today's football fans a stylish, functional and distinctive item to show their unquestionable support for their home team. Scarves are part of a time-honoured tradition whereby fans show support and loyalty to their favourite football club, along with wearing the team's jerseys or painting their face and body with club name and colours. This tradition originated in the UK during the early 1900s, when fans needed a way to show support for the team they were rooting for but also wanted to keep themselves warm. Scarves were their ingenious way of paying homage to their favourite team, and continue to be a fan wardrobe essential to this day. But our football scarves aren't just any ordinary scarves – they're exquisite works of craftsmanship that fans like you can be proud to own.

Cheer in style

Each adidas football scarf is made from premium polyacrylic knit fabric that is supremely comfortable to wear. Side A features an engineered team crest, name and colour that can easily make you distinct in even a large crowd. These features show the unique team DNA of such notable clubs as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Bayern and Juventus. The reverse side carries the iconic 3-Stripes and adidas logo, while both ends feature traditional fringes. Overall, adidas football scarves give loyal fans like you a chance to cheer your heart out in total style and comfort all game long.

Be the best fan out there

We create our football scarves from the finest materials to help you cheer from the stands in whatever way you want. You can wear them over your clothing, twirl them around your head or neck, or raise them proudly to help lift your team's spirit. Whichever way you want to do it, our football scarves will allow you to be the best fan that you can – show your undying love and support for the team that has your heart.