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Manage the elements perfectly with these adidas gym and training jackets

There are few things more frustrating than trying to fight the elements when you're working out. Whether you're out running in the cold or you're soaked to the skin on the pitch, you need to be sure that you're always ready for whatever the weather throws at you. These gym and training jackets from adidas provide you with that essential extra layer. Made with a soft knit to ensure that you're always as comfortable possible, these lightweight fabrics also absorb moisture, allowing you to stay dry even during the toughest of workout sessions.

adidas training jackets that will keep every workout comfortable

It's always important to make sure that you stay comfortable during your workout. Otherwise, the distraction of having to readjust your clothes constantly is going to make it impossible to focus on your fitness. The slim fit and low collar of these training jackets allows you to retain full freedom of movement even while you stay protected from the weather. That way, whether you're pushing towards that final few miles or you need to keep your eye on the ball, there's nothing to distract your attention away from what matters.

Find the ideal balance between substance and style at adidas

When choosing the right gym and training jackets at adidas, you don't have to sacrifice your sense of style for the sake of practicality and comfort. Whether you're looking for a retro design that recalls football kits of the past, or you want something with a sleeker and more modern look, you're sure to find a jacket that suits you. These jackets look so great they're just as likely to become a part of your day-to-day style as they are to become a staple of your exercise regime.