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Women's Running Shorts

Flying through intervals or holding a steady pace, feel the freedom of the run in adidas women's running shorts. Shop our range and then get out there and run.

adidas Women's Running Shorts

Running is challenging enough without adding uncomfortable, distracting clothes into the mix. That's why it's so important to find a pair of women's running shorts that matches your needs. adidas has a wide selection of running shorts for women, so no matter what kind of runner you are, you can find a pair that's right for you. Whether you're a serious runner training for speed or a beginner preparing for your first 5K, you'll benefit from our breathable, lightweight running shorts for women that are built with moisture-absorbing AEROREADY. For extra coverage, grab a pair of Run Fast 2-in-1 shorts with inner tights that support your muscles and an outer shell that gives a barely there feel. Trail runners can stay comfortable in our Terrex line designed specifically for the demands of outdoor exercise.

While you're benefiting from the high quality and superior performance of our women's running shorts, don't forget about style. This is adidas, after all. When you want to stand out during your big race or afternoon jog, grab a pair of women's running shorts with a unique allover print from Finnish design firm Marimekko. Or choose one of our bold collaborations with designer Stella McCartney. If you're going for a more classic sport-inspired look, opt for a pair with our signature 3-Stripes and Trefoil logo or a pair of women's split shorts designed to give you maximum freedom of movement. With our wide selection to choose from, women's running shorts from adidas won't get the miles done for you, but they'll help you get there.

Women's Running Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Look for shorts that fit you comfortably and allow you to run freely. Running shorts for women come in a few lengths for different running styles — a very short inseam (two to three inches) is most common for competitive runners and offers a maximum range of motion. Longer inseams provide more coverage and are good for running in hot weather with strong sun. Fitted short tights offer a sleek, snug fit like leggings — popular for cold-weather runs. Look for your preferred features, like a phone pocket, a wide or narrow waistband and a drawcord to adjust the fit.
Your call! Spandex running shorts or tights provide an extra layer of insulation in cold weather. Their close fit can reduce chafing. But they also trap heat when it's warm out, making you feel sweaty, and some runners find the tight fit too constricting. Traditional running shorts for women have a looser fit with better airflow. They feel less restrictive and offer a wider range of motion. For some runners, however, they're more prone to chafing, especially on longer runs. Two-in-one shorts combine a loose outer layer with built-in compression tights, offering the benefits of both.
There are several reasons. A liner on women's running shorts creates a smooth, next-to-skin layer that reduces friction and helps prevent chafing, especially during long runs or runs in hot weather. Many running shorts with liners are made to be worn without underwear, because regular underwear might not be designed for athletic performance and could trap sweat, causing discomfort. Not all runners prefer shorts with liners. Some might find the liner adds extra bulk or prefer the fit and feel of their own underwear. You can always experiment and see what works best for you.