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adidas X Cleats & Gloves

Leave limits behind in adidas X cleats and gloves. From lightweight boots to cushioned goalkeeper gloves, every element of your kit is designed for excellence.

adidas X Cleats and Gloves

In modern soccer, speed is everything. That's why adidas X cleats and gloves are designed to get you where you need to be on the field in the blink of an eye. The X range of boots first appeared in 2015. The successor to the record-breaking F50 shoes, it continued a long lineage of lightweight, speedy footwear. Adopting names such as Ghosted, Speedportal and Crazyfast, X shoes found brand-new ways of reducing weight and increasing acceleration. Most recently, those two objectives have been achieved with a super-thin layered upper and an outsole that includes extra forefoot studs and a springy plate for an explosive push-off.

However, our X cleats and gloves don't just benefit outfield players. In recent years the franchise has expanded to encompass a range of goalkeeper gloves. Designed to give keepers a natural, hand-hugging experience, X gloves are lightweight and grip the wrist for stability without the added bulk of wrist-straps. Like other glove ranges, they also benefit from grippy and cushioned URG and Soft Grip latex palms that help goalies pluck crosses out of the air and get behind powerful strikes. Whether you're an outfield player or a goalkeeper, you can be sure our range of X cleats and gloves will keep you one step ahead on the field — start shopping now!