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Training Shoes For Women

From squats to burpees to short sprints across the gym, explore women's training shoes to find fitness shoes that keep up with all the ways you move.

Designed for strength training

Your footwear is your foundation for strength, so step into the gym with the Dropset 3 and boost performance with controlled stability.
Y-3 Red Y-3 Kyasu LoY-3 Red Y-3 Kyasu Lo

Y-3 Kyasu Lo


Y-3 Black Y-3 Qisan KnitY-3 Black Y-3 Qisan Knit

Y-3 Qisan Knit


Y-3 White Y-3 GR.1PY-3 White Y-3 GR.1P

Y-3 GR.1P


Y-3 White Y-3 KaiwaY-3 White Y-3 Kaiwa

Y-3 Kaiwa


Y-3 Blue Y-3 Rivalry SandalsY-3 Blue Y-3 Rivalry Sandals

Y-3 Rivalry Sandals


Training White Everyset ShoesTraining White Everyset Shoes

Everyset Shoes


Y-3 White Y-3 GSG9 LowY-3 White Y-3 GSG9 Low

Y-3 GSG9 Low


Women's adidas Training Shoes

Shift up a gear the next time you work out by pulling on a pair of our women's training shoes. Designed for female athletes who demand exceptional support and comfort throughout every fitness pursuit, our athletic sneakers are built from premium materials and powered by groundbreaking technologies. Whether you're heading to the weight room or limbering up before a marathon or arduous hike, there are shoes designed to help you achieve your goals. If you need something a little more versatile for post-work gym sessions, you'll find exactly what you need too.

Our selection of women's training shoes offers an array of options to suit any style or preference. High-end midsole techs like adidas Boost, adidas Bounce and lightweight Lightstrike will keep you charged with energy and light on your feet through every session. Breathable, flexible uppers will comfortably lock you in for zero-distraction workouts. Grippy, specialist outsoles will ensure you have all the traction you need, whatever challenges lie ahead. Our range also encompasses a variety of designs and colours so you can move with confidence and style. So what are you waiting for? Browse the women's training shoes above to find a pair that will help you perform at your peak and look your best.

Training Shoes For Women Frequently Asked Questions

The best kind of gym shoes for women depends on your workout routine. Cross-training shoes are designed for a variety of activities, including weightlifting, cardio and group fitness classes. They typically have a flat or low heel, flexible soles and moderate arch support. This allows for a good range of motion and some shock absorption. Running shoes are designed for running and jogging, with a cushioned midsole to absorb impact and a flexible forefoot to allow for natural toe movement. They may not provide enough support for weightlifting exercises.
Gym shoes are a versatile companion for a variety of exercises and movements while running shoes are specialists in propelling you forward comfortably during runs. Gym shoes for women prioritise stability and support for multi-directional movements. They typically have a flatter sole to provide a wider base for stability during exercises like squats and lunges. The tread pattern is designed for various types of gym surfaces. Running shoes have a more curved sole with a cushioned midsole and a pronounced heel to absorb impact from repetitive heel strikes. The tread is optimised for traction on pavement or running tracks.
Women's workout shoes that are designed for specific activities (such as weightlifting or HIIT classes) can provide features that enhance your performance in those activities. For instance, lifting shoes offer a stable platform for squats and deadlifts, while cross-training shoes have better cushioning for jumping exercises. The right footwear at the gym can help maintain proper form and stability during exercise, reducing the risk of injuries like ankle sprains or muscle strain. Training shoes are designed with comfort in mind, with features like breathable materials and proper cushioning that can make your workouts more enjoyable.